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quarta-feira, janeiro 02, 2019


discos do ano
the goon sax - we're not talking
the shifters - have a cunning plan
D.U.D.S. - immediate
rolling blackout coastal fever - hope downs
lithics - mating surfaces
exek - ahead of two thoughts + a casual assembly
la luz - floating features


(por ordem alfabética)
10.000 russos - distress, distress
amen dunes - freedom
autechre - nts sessions
baxter dury, étienne de crécy & delilah holliday - b.e.d.
beak> - >>>
cavern of anti-matter - hormone lemonade
constant mongrel - living in excelence
exploded view - obey
girls names - stains on silence
gulp - all good wishes
hairband - hairband
insecure men - insecure men
john maus - addendum
oh sees - smote reverser
papercuts - parallel universe blues
parquet courts - wide awake
patois counselors - proper release
peel dream magazine - modern meta physic
rays - you can get there from here
saint abdullah - stars have eyes
sauna youth - deaths
school damage - a to x
shopping - the official body
smokescreens - used to yesterday
sunflowers - castle spell
surf harp - mr. big picture
table sugar - collected acknowledgements
the breeders - all nerve
the funs - alienated
the limiñanas - shadow people
the sea and cake - any day
vanishing twin - magic & machines
vital idles - left hand

quarta-feira, dezembro 27, 2017


discos do ano
baxter dury - prince of tears
D.U.D.S. - of a nature or degree
sleaford mods - english tapas


(por ordem alfabética)
a.savage - thawing down
b boys - dada
chastity belt - i used to spend so much time alone
children of alice - children of alice
craig finn - we all want the same things
damaged bug - bunker funk
escape-ism - introduction to escape-ism
feelies - in between
felicia atkinson - hand in hand
girl ray - earl gray
guided by voices - august by cake + how do you spell heaven 
italia 90 - italia 90 EP
jane weaver - modern kosmology
john maus - screen memories
karen gwyer - rembo
moon duo - occult architecture vol. 1 + occult architecture vol. 2
ne-hi - offers
new year - snow
oh sees - orc
omni - multi-task
protomartyr - relatives in descent
rolling blackouts coastal fever - the french press EP
sea pinks - watercourse
slowdive - slowdive
smackvan - the palace of varieties
spinning coin - permo
the bats - the deep set
the clientele - music for the age of miracles
the courtneys - II
the fall - new facts emerge
the war on drugs - a deeper understanding
thurston moore - rock n roll consciousness
tim darcy - saturday night
tunabunny - pcp presents alice in wonderland jr.
ulrika spacek - modern english decoration
wire - silver/lead

e as colectâneas:
lessons (front & follow)
mono no aware (forced exposure)

quinta-feira, dezembro 29, 2016


discos do ano
exploded view - exploded view
sneaks - gymnastics
the goon sax - up to anything

chook race - around the house
fat white family - songs for our mothers
kevin morby - singing saw
marie davidson - adieux au dancefloor
pye corner audio - stasis
ryley walker - golden sings that have been sung
steve gunn - eyes on the lines
thee oh sees - a weird exits (+ an odd entrances)
vanishing twin - choose your own adventure
wire - nocturnal koreans


beak>> - couple in a hole
bob mould - patch the sky
britta phillips - luck or magic
carla dal forno ‎– you know what it's like
cavern of anti-matter - void beats/invocation trex
cold pumas - the hanging valley
essaie pas ‎– demain est une autre nuit
flasher - ep
frankie cosmos - next thing
future of the left - the peace & truce of future of the left (+to failed states and forest clearings)
kate tempest - let them eat chaos
klaus johann grobe ‎– spagat der liebe
lambchop - flotus
marissa nadler - strangers
omni - deluxe
parquet courts - human performance
real numbers ‎– wordless wonder
sea pinks - soft days
sleaford mods - t.c.r. ep
the fall - wise ol' man ep
the hecks - the hecks
the julie ruin - hit reset
the limiñanas - malamore
the pheromoans - i'm on nights
ulrika spacek ‎– the album paranoia
ultimate painting - dusk
underworld - barbara barbara, we face a shining future
warpaint - heads up
witching waves - crystal cafe
woods - city sun eater in the river of light

quarta-feira, dezembro 30, 2015


álbuns do ano
twerps - range anxiety
lower dens - escape from evil
gwenno - y dydd olaf
lonelady – hinterland
shopping - why choose
la luz – weirdo shrine

+  (e por ordem alfabética)

beach house - depression cherry
blank realm - illegals in heaven
chastity belt - time to go home
courtney barnett - sometimes i sit and think, and sometimes i just sit
death & vanilla - to where the wild things are
dick diver - melbourne, florida
disappears - irreal
drinks - hermits on holiday
father john misty - i love you, honeybear
girls names – arms around a vision
joanna gruesome - peanut butter
jamie xx - in colour
girl band - holding hands with jamie
leftfield - alternative light source
love of diagrams - blast
low - ones and sixes
martin courtney - many moons
moon duo - shadow of the sun
nadine shah - fast food
nots – we are nots
ought – sun coming down
prinzhorn dance school - home economics 
protomartyr - the agent intellect
salad boys - metalmania 
sauna youth - distractions
sleaford mods - key markets
thee oh sees - mutilator defeated at last
wire - wire
yo la tengo - stuff like that there